Our Team

Karen Tulloch


Karen leads She Defines Strength with a passion that honours her older sister’s (Christine’s) legacy. This seriously talented soul cares deeply about the community of young women we serve. When she is not working as Manager of Program Development & Physician Services at the Obesity Medicine & Diabetes Institute, she loves to exercise, eat Indian food and spend quality time with friends.

Bonnie Tulloch

Vice President

Karen’s side-kick from birth and Christine’s youngest sister, Bonnie has been a supporter of She Defines Strength from its earliest days. She contributes her writing talents to the team and is a compassionate presence in our community. When she is not working on finishing her PhD program at UBC, she is writing for fun or spending time with her friends and family.

Gillian Wilke

Executive Director

One of Christine’s favourite people in the world, Gill is the magic behind many SDSF initiatives. She is a team player who we all value for her kindness and extraordinary organizational abilities. When she is not mailing SDSF event packages, she is busy working in the field of healthcare, taking exquisite nature photos or surprising people with acts of generosity and thoughtfulness.

Indeep Johal


On every amazing team, there is a special person who is a master of Microsoft excel. Indeep is our person. One of Christine’s best friends, he is the guy we count on for his incredible business prowess and talent for numbers. When he is not keeping us on track fiscally, he is working for the City of New Westminster as a Financial Analyst, out on long runs or eating pasta and reading books. 

Jasmine Garcha

Social Media Coordinator

A close friend from Christine’s university days at SFU, Jasmine has been making a difference in the cancer community for years through her involvement with different non-profits. Her social media savvy and gift for authentic storytelling makes her an invaluable asset to our SDSF team. When she is not helping out with SDSF initiatives, she can be found teaching nutrition classes or gardening. 

Shantelle Matos

Board Member

 A close friend of Christine’s, from work and school, Shantelle is our SDSF trendsetter. Her experience working with non-profits, hosting special events, and fundraising through her various creative endeavours has made her an invaluable asset to the SDSF team. When she is not busy working as the Lead for Aboriginal Health with the Fraser Health Authority, she can be found designing jewelry for her company Castles in the Sky Co.

Ayanna Gibbs

Board Member

Ayanna came to the SDSF team as a close friend and supporter. Her entrepreneurial expertise, energy, and love of community have helped grow the network of SDSF champions, while also adding considerable joy to our different events. When she is not dancing for fun, she can be found dancing for work, leading Zumba and other fitness classes or personal training.

Cathy Shea

Board Member

Cathy is our resident SDSF cheerleader and Zoom facilitator. A cancer survivor, athlete, and overall fantastic person, her practical yet enthusiastic perspective helps keep us grounded and motivated as a team. When she is not spending time with her family in the Pacific Northwest, she is busy working with various non-profits in Kona, Hawaii. 

Soosan Davis

Medical Advisor

Embraced as a daughter by the Tulloch family, Soosan is a great supporter and valued member of the SDSF team.  An international medical graduate from India with a passion for oncology, Soosan provides unique guidance and insight when it comes to planning events and maintaining a safe environment for our community members. When she is not working as the Patient Care Manager of the Obesity Medicine & Diabetes Institute, Soosan loves to spend time with family & friends, watch Master Chef, and cook awesome meals.

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