Our Fundraisers

We would not be able to accomplish our mission if it weren’t for the kind generosity of the individuals and businesses that support us. Our fundraisers are an awesome opportunity to partner with our community to help serve this amazing group of incredible women. Not only do we aim to bring joy with the funds we raise, but we also take great delight in planning fundraisers that are inherently joy-filled for the participants as well. It could be ice skating, a Zumba dance party, yoga class, or an afternoon of painting, but regardless of the activity, we always have a wonderful time making memories and raising money for a good cause. For more information regarding our upcoming fundraisers, please check out the information below.

Signature Fundraiser

The Skate Before Christmas

We LOVE to celebrate the Christmas season! Our annual Christmas themed skating fundraiser allows us to create special memories with loved ones, celebrate this special time of year, and give back to those who are facing difficult circumstances. This fundraiser is hosted at the North Surrey Ice Arena in December. If you are interested in joining us, please stay connected through our social media channels. We would love to see you there!

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Ongoing Fundraisers

SDSF Bottle Drive

Want to support us? Recycle for a good cause! She Defines Strength has an account with Return-It Express and runs an ongoing bottle drive. To participate, just take your bottles or milk cartons to any Return-It Depot and type the number 604-825-5228 into the label generating machine. This will allow you to print labels with the She Defines Strength account number. Then simply stick the labels on your bags and leave them in the express bin to be counted. This way all the proceeds will go to She Defines Strength.

To read more about what containers are appropriate for return. Check out the Return-It website

Seasonal Fundraisers

The Unicorn Project

The Unicorn project is an initiative created by Christine’s soul sisters to celebrate the life and magical unicorn spirit of their dear friend, Christine Joy Tulloch. These creative collaborations with Castle in the Sky Designs honour her life and legacy. All proceeds go to the She Defines Strength Foundation.

Meridian Meats & Ralph’s Farm Market Fundraiser:

We run fundraisers with Meridian Meats & Ralph’s Farm Markets approximately twice per year. During each fundraiser we sell gift cards to these businesses and are given 30% of the profits. Whether you’re planning a barbecue, canning fresh produce, or simply like to grocery shop at these lovely stores, we encourage you to keep an eye out for our next fundraiser. These gift cards also make for great gifts as well. 

Holiday Mini Shoots

Capturing precious seasons in our lives is a gift, and what better way to do that than through annual holiday photos! Our holiday mini photo shoots allow for just that. In this fundraiser you can book a time slot with one of our photographers to get some family holiday photos that you can use for Christmas cards or keepsakes. All profits go directly to the She Defines Strength Foundation. This fundraiser usually runs in November.

We Are Stronger Together