Annual Girls Glamour Night

One of our main events is our annual Girls Glamour Night. It is an evening where young women, aged 13-35, can come together and meet other cancer warrior princesses like themselves while being pampered and loved on. Hosted at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, this special evening is sponsored in part by The Green Kiss, who generously supply incredible natural beauty products for the event. Attendees get the opportunity to dress up and get their own personal makeover and photo shoot. More importantly, this Cinderella night provides these amazing women with the chance to connect and share their stories with each other. Our goal is to have each woman leave the event knowing that they matter and that they are not alone.

Our Girls

“Beauty is magnified a thousand times because you know that kind of beautiful is only seen in someone who has overcome great adversity.”

Christine Joy Tulloch

Too often these girls look in the mirror and they see what cancer has taken away from them. My goal is to give them the opportunity to look in the mirror and just be reminded of how truly amazing they are.

Christine Joy Tulloch

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Our Glamour Night photo booth allows us to dress up and share some good giggles together!

Learn more about The Green Kiss and their commitment to providing safe, natural, ethical and environmentally friendly beauty products.

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