Community Events

One of the core components of our mission as a foundation is connection. Navigating a cancer diagnosis and all it entails is often an inherently isolating experience. Few people may be able to grasp or relate to the burden of battling this type of illness, especially at such a young age. Through our community events we aim to help our cancer warriors develop meaningful relationships with one another. Together, this sisterhood is able to laugh, cry, celebrate, and mourn the inevitable highs and lows that accompany the cancer journey.

In-Person Events

Nothing beats the joy of being together in-person. Whether it be a Christmas party, community fundraiser, or our annual girls Glamour Night, our in-person events allow us the cherished opportunity to form memories side by side.

Online Events

Sometimes being in-person is not always possible or convenient. Our online Zoom events enable us to connect with each other on a more frequent basis, as well as with cancer warriors who live all over the province of B.C. or are in hospital.

Seasonal Events

Choosing joy in the midst of difficult times is not easy. That is one of the many reasons we love hosting our seasonal events. Whether it be crafting it up, playing trivia, and/or enjoying our favourite treats together, we love taking the time to celebrate the novelty of each season. In doing so, we aim to create a space that allows a break from the heaviness that accompanies dealing with stressful circumstances, and make precious memories in the process.

Sister Chats

Every month when we are not hosting a seasonal event, we provide an opportunity for the women of our community to catch up with each other via our Sister Chats. These informal Zoom hangouts allow our cancer warriors the ability to touch base more frequently and have meaningful conversations over a cup of tea or coffee.

Live Loved Care Packages

One of the ways we reach out and invite young women into our supportive community is through our care package program.

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